Rovensa Next’s Open Innovation Hub is a virtual space designed to support entrepreneurs and startups at all stages of their business journey, bringing together all of our company’s innovation tools and initiatives. This way, we create a space for interaction and collaboration with those that are external to the organisation, and together promote the innovative spirit that allows us to solve challenges in a sector as dynamic as agriculture.

Our main objectives are to transform ideas into projects and to contribute to business in the form of a channel. For this, we have a strong community of multidisciplinary experts and a group of more than 40,000 farmers worldwide in need of innovative solutions to resolve the challenges that they face. Our collaboration network brings together successful entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and key clients from the business ecosystem, a key factor in transforming ideas into scalable projects. For this reason, we provide resources and support for projects depending on their nature and the phase in which they are at.

Agro-Innovation Launchpad

Our Agro-Innovation Launchpad program was created with the aim of launching challenges to the innovative ecosystem, seeking solutions and initiatives that could solve the challenges of today and tomorrow that are proposed by the company. The nature of the challenges will depend on the needs and opportunities detected inside and outside the  organisation,and will follow the company’s strategic roadmap

Through theAgro-Innovation Launchpad”, selected candidates who present proposals or ideas for innovative projects or challenges posed by the company will be rewarded, so as to progress their development and  implementation.

Process to share
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In order to create and deliver the best solutions to the market, we foster collaboration spaces and synergies, and we invite everyone to participate in our innovation processes.

Step 1

Respond to the challenge that has been posed, or submit your own proposal through the form.

Step 2

We will assess the information and share the next steps with you together with the committee of experts.

Step 3

We will define the framework and tools for collaboration.

Leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible:

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We offer you an avant-garde space where you can transform ideas into projects through an open innovation system.

A space dedicated to learning about and promoting systematic innovation in each of our group’s employees.

Challenges that Rovensa Next is working on together with the innovative ecosystem in order to solve them and add value.